At Nexus Enterprises, we strive to stay an top of the curve when it comes to Web site technology.We utilize a broad range of software and programming languages and techniques to provide our customers with fast, reliable Web sites that achieve the stated objectives for the site. Some of the technology we utilize is outlined below.

ASP (Active Server Pages) - ASP is a set of modules that utilize a series of powerful capabilities of Windows-based servers that greatly enhance the dynamic aspects of any site. ASP can be used to store user information in Cookies on the user's computer or on the server itself (such as a shopping cart information or security access categories), retrieve, modify and delete information from an online database, change the content of a page to suit the needs of a particular user and on and on.

JavaScript - A scripting language that is used to validate forms, swap images for roll-over buttons, convert dates and times from database entries, implement ASP functions, and a host of other features that add functionality to standard Web pages.

VB Script - A scripting language that is similar to JavaScript but is primarily used on server-based functions due to its incompatibilty with non-Microsoft browsers..

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) - HTML is the root of all Web pages. It is cross-platform, cross-browser compatible and is the language used to display images and text in Web format. Subject to Worldwide standards.

DHTML (Dynamic HTML) - DHTML is a newer feature of HTML that allows content to be changed after the page has loaded. Due to difference in interpretation of DHTML between Internet Explorer and Netscape, DHTML is not widely implementable

XML (Extensible Markup Language) - XML is a powerful scripting language that allows for development of broadly compatible data applications that can extract data from Web pages as well as database sources.

Flash® Animation - Flash is a program produced by Macromedia that is designed to produce streaming graphic animations for the Web. Flash animations are the standard for the Web and add a bit of "flash" to any Web site. Information from database sources can be included in the animation as well.

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