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Virtual Tour
4-spin tour (minimum) $75
Add'l spins $18
Add'l still images $5
* - not including 6.25% Ohio Sales Tax

Virtual Tours and Real Estate
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Making a Virtual Tour

The Internet is becoming more and more important to the Real Estate business every day. Virtual Tours are on the leading edge of this change.
Real Estate and the Internet

  • 38% of people have used the Internet to shop for a home
  • 71% of Internet users anticipate buying a home in the near future
  • Another 47% plan to use the Internet the next time they buy or sell a home
  • Recent statistics reported by the Wall Street Journal show that home buyers who do not use the Internet are shown, on average, 28 properties before they are ready to make a buying decision
  • Those who do use the Internet view only 8 properties, on average, before they make a purchase
Features of Virtual Tours built by Nexus Enterprises
  • MLS and compatible
    • ( requires I-Lead page)
  • Hotspots easily link viewers to other rooms in the house
  • Excellent image perspective (dramatic reduction in fisheye effect)
  • Easy to incorporate into an existing Web Site.
  • Complementary businesses can advertise on the tour (i.e. home inspectors, moving companies, landscapers...)
  • "Tour to Go" allows viewers to download a copy of the tour for later viewing or to show to family and friends.
    • Downloaded Tour fits on a floppy disk.
  • Increases the potential of each showing, reducing time wasted showing the house when the buyer thinks that the kitchen isn't quite what they wanted or they just don't like the living room layout etc...
  • Buyers spend less time viewing properties before finding their "Dream Home".
  • Sellers show their home fewer times and sell them faster.
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